SNT By Google

It would never cross my mind to take medical advice from a car mechanic, but today I received a call from a client who was getting their legal advice from the used car salesman. It seems that the used car salesman did not believe that the SNT I had drafted was not valid because it only mentioned who is the trustee once in Article One. The issue is not that seeking advice from others is a good idea, just to seek and accept from sources with knowledge on the subject. The drafting of the SNT itself is not the challenge. The real challenge is properly funding and using the SNT. For this knowledge and experience my clients gladly pay the legal fees knowing that their loved ones are well cared f

Estate Planning Failure

I had an estate plan signed today by a client, in a hospital. The client was referred to me two months ago by her banker to do an estate plan because the client had stage 4 cancer. The client took 5 weeks from the time of our meeting to actually engage me to do the estate plan. Unfortunately, it might have been too late. There might not be enough time to have the accounts changed with the trust as the beneficiary. If the accounts are not changed, then the purpose of the estate plan, which was to avoid probate, then the family will have to go through probate. The take away is that doing an estate plan is necessary. As an estate planning attorney, we perform a service for our clients, providi

Estate Planning Not Just For Millionaires

Hollywood’s stereotype of estate planning usually features assorted nieces, nephews and cousins gathered in the drawing room of a 100-year-old mansion greedily waiting to hear what an eccentric rich relative left them. By the time the scene is over, no one is happy—and that part, at least, has some veracity. Every year, thousands of people fight over money after someone has died, especially if that person did a poor job of planning what would happen with their assets. And, despite the stereotype, families don’t have to be rich to get in an uproar over who inherits what. But unfortunately, the average person doesn’t show the same kind of concern about estate planning that the rich do—and that

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