Pre-Need Guardian for Minor Children

If you have a minor child it is strongly recommended to have a designation of a guardian in case something were to happen to you and the other parent.  If a tragedy were to strike, the last thing that you would want is for the two sides of the family to fight over who would become the guardian of your children.  I have seen this happen so many times, it is heartbreaking. Even worse is when the guardian also has control of the Life Insurance monies!!

For this reason I suggest that you create a Trust with us. At a minimum, you should have a Guardian Designation.  We charge a simple fee of $250.00 for the document.


Also, please note that the Designation MUST be filed with the Clerk of Court. We are able to handle this for you at an additional cost of $100.

Simply download the intake form provided, fill it out and submit via email or fax to or 786-364-1219.

Payments can be made HERE

Download our free Storybook highlighting the importance of establishing a Pre-Need Guardian.

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